How can very small businesses benefit from artificial intelligence?

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Introducing the EXOCORP collective

EXOCORP is a collective of experts in various digital fields. Our philosophy is rooted in a global approach, where each strategy is carefully designed to maximize return on investment, especially for our customers, who are mainly small and medium-sized businesses. Through this blog, we’re committed to keeping you informed about the latest trends and innovations in the digital world that can enrich and energize your business. Welcome to the exciting and constantly evolving world of digital!

The importance of digital in today’s world

In a world where digital technology is shaping our daily lives, it’s crucial to understand and master its many facets. Business leaders, particularly in the VSE and SME sectors, not only need to keep abreast of the latest technologies, they also need to know how to use them to their advantage. It may seem like a mammoth task, but don’t worry, that’s where EXOCORP comes in.

Artificial intelligence and digital experts

Early use of AI

The digital experts at EXOCORP didn’t wait for the arrival of ChatGPT to embrace artificial intelligence. For several years now, they have been using it to carry out complex tasks requiring unrivalled precision and speed. It was a journey into the unknown that paid off. But how did it all begin? And how has AI developed since then?

“We’ve always been very well equipped, and artificial intelligence is one of our invaluable tools.” – Michael Fleury, digital transformation expert


The evolution of AI in content production

The progress made in content generation by AIs has been staggering. Whether text, images or video, they can be a great help in creating content. But it’s not just the ability to generate or modify content that has evolved; it’s also the quality. AIs can now create content so realistic and relevant that it becomes difficult to distinguish their work from that of a human. How did the experts react? How does this accelerate the transformation of our businesses?

The evolution of AI in data analysis

But AI doesn’t stop at generating text or images. Its evolution is particularly remarkable in the field of data analysis. At EXOCORP, we use artificial intelligence to go one step further in analyzing data from our customers’ websites. This enables us to gain deeper insights and refine our strategies significantly. What’s more, AI plays a crucial role in webmarketing campaign data analysis, helping us to optimize performance and maximize ROI. Even in the analysis of commercial data from CRMs, AI enables us to decipher trends and patterns that would otherwise have remained hidden. In short, AI has become an indispensable tool for understanding and exploiting data in a variety of contexts, opening up new avenues for informed decision-making and continued business success.

The benefits of artificial intelligence in the workplace

Fast delivery and reduced mental fatigue

The benefits of using AI in the workplace are numerous. Imagine being able to accomplish a task that would normally take you a week to complete in just a few hours. Imagine reducing mental fatigue and increasing job satisfaction. That’s what AI can do for you. But how? How can something so complex be so beneficial?

Improving quality and adding value

AI doesn’t just save time; it also improves the quality of work. Whether detecting errors that the human eye might miss, or suggesting creative improvements, AI adds inestimable value. But isn’t it too good to be true? Are there any hidden pitfalls or drawbacks?

Ready to take your digital strategy to the next level?

EXOCORP offers a unique collaboration of independent digital experts, providing tailor-made, innovative solutions to improve the digital performance of small and medium-sized businesses.

The necessary supervision of artificial intelligence

Importance of the initial brief (prompt)

AI is powerful, but it needs to be managed. Like all assistants, she needs clear, precise instructions. This is where the initial brief or “prompt.” comes in. The prompt must be written by an expert who understands not only the business, but also how AI works. Otherwise, the results could be catastrophic. What are these risks? And how to avoid them?

Risks in the absence of expertise

The risks of using AI without expert supervision are real and substantial. Errors may occur, leading to misunderstandings or misinterpretations. The result could be not only disappointing, but also damaging for the company. How is EXOCORP tackling this challenge? How do they guarantee quality?

Prompt engineering: a new profession

The role and methodology of artificial intelligence in VSEs and SMEs

Recruiting a Prompt Engineer in-house is often not a viable option for VSE and SME managers due to budgetary constraints. However, this doesn’t mean that these companies should be left behind in AI adoption. EXOCORP offers a unique and affordable opportunity to bring artificial intelligence into your business, giving you a major competitive edge. With expert oversight from EXOCORP professionals, executives can harness the powerful capabilities of AI without having to invest in specialized in-house resources. It’s a winning alliance that brings cutting-edge technology within the reach of small and medium-sized businesses, aligning their objectives with the most modern working methods.

Importance in working with AIs

Without prompt engineering, AI could be a double-edged sword. The benefits could be outweighed by the risks. The ability to work effectively with AI, to understand and guide it, is at the heart of EXOCORP’s expertise. Why is this so crucial? And how does this translate into reality?


The digital world is evolving at an incredible pace, and artificial intelligence is playing a central role. As reliable partners, they can transform the way we work, but they require expert supervision. This is where EXOCORP shines, with its global approach and specialized expertise. Rather than trying to navigate the complex world of AI yourself, you can rely on the experts at EXOCORP to guide you. The benefits for our customers are clear: faster, better quality, and greater added value. The question isn’t whether you should integrate AI into your business, but rather how you can leverage EXOCORP’s expertise to do so successfully and efficiently.

Frequently asked questions

What is EXOCORP?

The EXOCORP collective is made up of experts in various digital fields, with a focus on return on investment.

How can AI speed up my work?

AI can automate many tasks, enabling you to work 5 times faster and reduce mental fatigue.

Is it risky to use AI without supervision?

Yes, without the appropriate expertise, AI can produce work of mediocre quality and even generate misunderstandings or misinterpretations.

What is prompt engineering?

Prompt engineering is the art of guiding and directing an AI to achieve the desired results. It’s a specialized skill that requires an understanding of both business and AI engineering.

Why choose EXOCORP for my business?

EXOCORP offers comprehensive digital expertise, from website development to marketing automation. Its ROI-focused approach and ability to effectively supervise AI make it a wise choice for business leaders looking to maximize the efficiency and quality of their online presence.

Ready to take your digital strategy to the next level?

EXOCORP offers a unique collaboration of independent digital experts, providing tailor-made, innovative solutions to improve the digital performance of VSEs and SMEs.

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