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Creating a website that generates leads or sales


Premium design for your website

When we create a website, we focus on premium design to enhance your company’s image and promote brand preference. The latest design trends, such as minimalism, responsive design, creative typography and motion design, are essential to our approach. We offer responsive design and Pixel Perfect to ensure a flawless appearance and create a deeper connection with customers.

Want a site that reflects your brand with excellence? Discover our design expertise and start your project today!


Structuring your offer and content marketing

Our copywriting expertise is a major asset to the success of your website. Whether we’re recovering and improving your existing content or taking charge of your entire website, we know how to adapt our pen to your needs and your brand identity. Our approach can be based on a variety of media, such as a sales brochure or other documents, to ensure consistent, effective communication.

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If your company needs to structure its offering more precisely, we can also offer marketing workshops. These collaborative sessions help you clearly define your key messages, positioning and value proposition, so you can create content that resonates with your audience and stimulates engagement. Our aim is to provide you with content that not only reflects your company, but also helps convert visitors into loyal customers.

Turn your ideas into captivating content! Contact us today to find out how our copywriting expertise can boost your website and refine your marketing offer.

SEO strategy, your natural search engine optimization

Comprehensive, customized SEO analysis to generate qualified leads

Our approach to SEO strategy is meticulous and leaves nothing to chance. Using the best software on the market, we provide a comprehensive, strategic analysis tailored to the specific needs of your company, in France and abroad. Our process encompasses detailed market research, including keyword analysis, search engine queries and competitor site evaluation. We also carry out a rigorous technical analysis of your website, optimizing content semantics and analyzing its reputation (netlinking) and traffic.

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We go even further by extending our market research to social networks, Amazon, YouTube and Playstore, examining the performance of posts and content, searches, product performance, and sales price and volume estimates. By optimizing structured data and carefully managing your Google My Business account, we boost your visibility in search results and build preference for your brand. This holistic, data-driven SEO approach gives you the insights and tools you need to make informed decisions and propel your business to online success.


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A SEA strategy to maximize visibility

Couple SEA with SEO for diversified, effective lead acquisition

In addition to SEO, we offer our customers a diversified lead-acquisition system through the implementation of SEA (Search Engine Advertising) campaigns. SEA, or search engine advertising, provides immediate, targeted visibility by placing advertisements in search results. Unlike SEO, which requires ongoing work to achieve “organic” rankings, SEA offers an opportunity to reach your target audience quickly, by paying for every click on your ad.

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Our SEA actions are divided into three essential phases:

  1. Strategy definition: We start by understanding your business objectives, identifying your target audience and defining the relevant keywords for your ads. This phase lays the foundations for a successful campaign.
  2. Writing and setting up the first campaigns: We write eye-catching ads and configure the necessary parameters, making sure to align each campaign with your overall strategy. The right choice of keywords, geographic locations and targeting parameters ensures that your ads reach the right people at the right time.
  3. Ongoing monitoring and optimization: A successful SEA campaign requires constant monitoring and optimization. We track performance, adjust bids, test new ads and make continuous improvements to maximize your return on investment.

SEA is an ideal complement to SEO, enabling you to achieve fast, measurable results, while retaining the flexibility to adapt to changing market trends and your company’s needs. Such a combination of SEO and SEA ensures a well-rounded, high-performance lead acquisition strategy, putting you ahead of the competition in the ever-changing online environment.

For a powerful, targeted strategy

Boost your site’s reputation with netlinking

Netlinking plays an essential role in boosting your website’s reputation, accounting for around 70% of the strength of SEO. Also known as backlinking, netlinking consists of acquiring inbound links to your site.

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For Google, every link is considered a vote in favor of your site, helping to increase its reputation. To guarantee the effectiveness of this strategy, it’s vital that these links are diversified between different types of sites, such as blogs, forums, directories, sponsored articles, and more. They must also be generated progressively, with a defined timeframe based on your company’s activity.

To fully control these links and ensure their durability, we can create thematic mini-sites (PBNs), often on old sites related to your theme (former competitors, official sites, etc.). This targeted, well-structured approach to netlinking can significantly boost your online presence.

Ready to boost your SEO power with a customized netlinking strategy? Contact us today to discuss how we can boost your website’s reputation!

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Optimizing loading times

An ultra-fast website: the key to better conversion and effective referencing

We take care of your website’s speed, using a combination of both client-side and server-side optimization techniques. These cutting-edge technologies considerably speed up loading times by optimizing content distribution and caching across a global network of servers.

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Not only do we employ highly recommended caching plugins and manage the order of script execution on each page, but we also intervene on the server side with the implementation of CDN (Content Delivery Network) and Varnish.

In addition, we optimize the weight of images, ensuring that those you add later are automatically lightened.

Taken together, these measures deliver a remarkable user experience, an excellent first impression for your visitors, improved SEO, and ultimately, tangible conversion growth for your business.

You too can join the market leaders with an ultra-fast website designed for conversion!

Maintenance and safety

To maintain a secure, high-performance website

Maintenance and safety are key concerns at EXOCORP. We put in place a robust system comprising 7 essential security points and a permanent check on your site’s vulnerability. To guarantee uninterrupted access, we check your site’s accessibility every 5 minutes. We understand the importance of your data, which is why we perform a daily site backup, with 30 days of permanent backups, adjustable to your specific needs.

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To offer you full traceability, we also keep a log of connections to the website, giving you a history of connections and modifications. What’s more, we carry out regular and meticulous updates of the security and evolutionary elements of WordPress, the theme and extensions. It’s all designed to give you total peace of mind about the reliability and integrity of your online presence.

You too can join the market leaders with an ultra-fast website designed for conversion!


Detailed performance analysis: comprehensive tracking of your acquisition channels

Tracking and measuring the performance of your acquisition channels is essential to understanding and optimizing your online presence. We offer detailed tracking, including a weekly report on your site’s strategic search positions and those of your main competitors.

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What’s more, a monthly report lets you see your site’s total positioning, with a comparison with the competition. Our centralized dashboard groups together key indicators such as SEO acquisition, acquisition via sponsored links, visibility on social networks, tracking of your inbound leads, tracked links and domains that send you visitors, as well as technical monitoring of your site, including page availability and load times. This comprehensive approach gives you an accurate overview of your acquisition channels and enables continuous, targeted improvement of your online marketing efforts.

Ready to have a clear and complete view of your acquisition channels? Contact us today and take advantage of tailor-made support to effectively manage your online strategies!


Continuous improvement in conversion rates

We turn your site’s traffic into tangible results. Thanks to our arsenal of advanced analysis tools, we decode your visitors’ behavior to optimize every aspect of your site. We use heatmaps to reveal the most interactive areas, and record browsing sessions to understand the user journey. Our A/B tests allow you to compare different versions of your pages to identify those that convert best. Finally, thanks to feedback and questionnaires, we capture the voice of your customers, transforming their feedback into concrete actions to boost your conversion rate.

Ready to turn your visitors into loyal customers?


Detection of the most clicked areas of your pages

A/B Testing

Comparing the conversion rate of two page versions


Recording of visitor sessions with mouse movement to understand page reading

Feedback and Questionnaires

Gathering user feedback and overall satisfaction


Maximum autonomy and scalability

Our commitment goes beyond aesthetics: we use technologies that allow maximum autonomy in the management of your site. You can edit pages as you would a Word page without having to go into a dark back-office, and pre-validated templates are automatically applied to new pages and articles you create. These technologies are also highly scalable, ready to support your future needs and ambitions.

Gain autonomy and prepare for the future with our scalable solution. Take hassle-free control of your website

Our options for going further

Multilingual site: Manage languages and translations with ease

If your company is targeting an international audience, we have the ideal solution. Our language and translation management system is designed to be as simple or complex as you like. You can choose between automatic and human translation modes, depending on your needs.

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What’s more, our multilingual option is SEO-optimized, ensuring that your content reaches your target audience, regardless of language barriers. If you need a multilingual site, we’ll make it easy for you, without compromising quality or visibility.

E-Commerce: A customized, scalable site

Online commerce is constantly evolving, and it’s essential to have a website that can adapt and evolve with your business. That’s why we offer an e-commerce solution that’s both customizable and robust, combining the best features …

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… market-leading e-commerce content management systems. Our offer stands out for its lack of limitations in terms of content layout, search engine optimization (SEO), and user experience. This degree of flexibility and control enables you to create a truly unique and optimized shopping experience for your customers, promoting the growth and success of your online business.

Writing blog articles

We understand the importance of quality content in your company’s online strategy. That’s why we write relevant and engaging blog posts, specifically optimized for SEO. Enhance your content and improve your SEO!

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With a deep understanding of search algorithms and SEO best practices, our copywriting experts create content that not only resonates with your target audience, but also boosts your site’s ranking in search engine results. These blog posts thus become a powerful tool for increasing your site’s visibility, attracting more traffic and reinforcing your authority in your field of expertise.

The length of each piece of content is determined by the number of specific terms to include, which promote semantics and answer your users’ precise questions. We ensure that every piece of content is relevant and of high quality, attracting and retaining the attention of your target audience. We also regularly check content optimization to ensure that it meets search engine criteria, helping to increase your site’s visibility.

Harmonizing your brand image

Many of the small and medium-sized businesses we work with recognize the importance of a coherent, powerful brand image. Often, redesigning their website becomes an opportunity to refresh and harmonize their other “shop windows”.

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Whether it’s modernizing their sales brochure, creating an attractive email signature, or updating their LinkedIn profiles and pages, they trust us to bring consistency and a professional touch to all aspects of their online and offline presence. This integrated approach ensures that the brand image is not only contemporary, but also consistently represented across all platforms, reinforcing brand identity and confidence.

Creating and integrating videos on your website

In today’s digital world, video is an essential element for capturing and holding your audience’s attention. Our specialized team can design and produce customized videos for your website, …

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… whether product presentations, customer testimonials, tutorial videos or promotional content. We combine a deep understanding of your brand with cutting-edge technology and boundless creativity to produce videos that resonate with your audience. From conceptualization to production to integration on your site, we ensure a seamless process to create engaging, impactful videos that amplify your online presence.

Specific developments

Some companies have specific needs that require even more customized solutions. That’s why we specialize in specific website developments, tailored to your particular requirements.

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Whether you need advanced customer portals to deliver an enhanced user experience, or an integrated connection between your website and your CRM or ERP, we have the skills and expertise to make it happen. Our experienced developers work closely with you to understand your objectives and create tailor-made solutions that align perfectly with your business strategy, ensuring seamless integration and optimum performance.

Connecting your website to your CRM

We can integrate Pipedrive’s next-generation CRM into your business, or work with your existing CRM to establish a powerful link between your website and your customer management system.

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With the aim of optimizing your operations and unifying your processes, we use state-of-the-art technologies to create a harmonious connection between your website, your CRM, your emailing tool and other essential components of your information system. This integration enables you to create innovative automations that make your day-to-day work easier. Whether you need to automatically send emails, generate quotes and sales proposals, subscribe to your newsletter, create a variety of documents or add elements to your CRM, our tailor-made solution adapts to your specific needs and helps you manage your customer interactions more efficiently and consistently.

Newsletter management and content sharing on social networks

Newsletter and social network management play a vital role in attracting and retaining visitors to your website. At EXOCORP, we create and manage captivating, personalized newsletters that match your objectives and reflect your brand.

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Our team uses social networks to increase the visibility of your content, promote products or services, and engage your target audience. Through regular, attractive and informative publications, we stimulate interaction and encourage your subscribers to visit your site. By combining a judicious content strategy with performance analysis, we ensure an optimized online presence that contributes to your company’s success.

Maximize the reach of your e-commerce site with Amazon

We offer the possibility of relaying your site on Amazon, the world’s largest online sales platform. This integration not only increases the visibility of your products, but also enables you to take advantage of Amazon’s huge base of loyal customers.

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We manage the process of linking your product catalog with Amazon, ensuring that all relevant information is synchronized and up-to-date. This includes managing inventory, prices, orders and even customer reviews. Thanks to this multi-channel strategy, you can access new markets and increase sales, while maintaining the consistency and quality of your brand.

Would you like us to create a website that generates leads for your company?

Examples of additional features we can integrate into your website

Forms that automatically create elements in CRM

Forms that automatically create elements in CRM (Customer Relationship Management) are designed to capture customer information from a web form and integrate it directly into the company’s CRM database. This automation eliminates the need for manual data entry, reducing errors and saving time. The added value is more effective prospect and customer management, enabling the sales team to react quickly and offer a more personalized service.

Advanced forms

Advanced forms offer complex features such as routing submissions to different e-mails according to specific criteria, importing files, selecting dates and using conditional logic to personalize questions. These features make for a smoother user experience and more accurate information gathering. The added value is a better understanding of customers’ needs and preferences, which can lead to more personalized and effective interactions with them.


A Chatbot is AI software that can communicate with users via online chat. It can answer frequently asked questions, guide users through the purchasing process and even solve certain problems. The added value of this feature is 24/7 customer support, boosting customer satisfaction and potentially increasing conversions.

Appointment scheduling system

The appointment scheduling system makes it easy for customers to choose and book time slots for sales appointments or consultations. It offers greater flexibility and convenience, both for customers and for the company. These appointments can be connected directly to your CRM. The added value is optimized time management and better coordination between customers and the company.


Popups are windows that appear on a web page, often used to capture e-mail addresses or promote special offers. Properly designed, they can be an effective tool for increasing your mailing list or conversions. The added value of popups is their ability to draw attention to a specific action, potentially boosting engagement and sales.

Share on social networks

The social sharing feature allows users to easily share content from the website to their social media profiles. This helps increase the visibility of the content and can attract more visitors to the site. The added value is greater reach and organic brand promotion, capitalizing on online word-of-mouth.

Secure payment

The secure payment function ensures that all financial transactions carried out on the site are encrypted and protected against all forms of fraud. This strengthens customer confidence in the online store and encourages repeat purchases. The added value is greater protection against fraud and a better shopping experience for customers.

Reservation system

The secure payment function ensures that all financial transactions carried out on the site are encrypted and protected against all forms of fraud. This strengthens customer confidence in the online store and encourages repeat purchases. The added value is greater protection against fraud and a better shopping experience for customers.

Event management system

This system lets you plan, promote and manage events online. It can include features such as ticket sales, registration management and integration with social networks. The added value is more efficient event organization and greater audience reach and engagement.

Point of sale geolocation system

Geolocation allows users to easily find the nearest point of sale from their current location. This enhances the user experience by providing accurate and timely information. The added value is increased accessibility and support in converting online visitors into in-store customers.

Image with hotspots to explain parts of the image

Hotspots on an image allow users to click on different parts of the image to obtain explanations or additional information. This makes interaction with the image more engaging and informative. The added value is a better understanding of the product or service and a richer interaction with the content.


Integration of a 3D demonstrator or configurator

The integration of a 3D configurator allows users to visualize and customize a product in 3D directly in the browser, without the need to install anything. This provides an immersive shopping experience and allows customers to see exactly what they’re getting. The added value is greater purchasing confidence and a potential increase in conversion rates. Read our article to find out more.

Dynamic price management

In e-commerce, dynamic price management is essential to meet the specific needs of each customer and maximize sales. We offer an advanced feature that adjusts the price according to the variation and quantity of products added to the basket. Whether for volume discounts, special offers on certain product variations, or complex pricing strategies, this feature offers unrivalled flexibility and adaptability. It creates a personalized, incentive-based shopping experience, encouraging larger purchases and boosting customer engagement. Our solution adapts to your specific needs, integrating seamlessly with your e-commerce site and helping to boost your revenues.

Examples of SEO results
for our customers


Traffic x 8 in 18 months
1 invested generated €27 in sales


100% traffic in 12 months

1576 keywords positioned :
karting lyon: 1st
karting electrique lyon: 1st
karting indoor lyon: 1st
ski indoor lyon: 1st


Traffic x 3 in 24 months
634 keywords positioned:
movable partition: 1st
removable glass partition: 1st
accordion partition: 2ᵉ
suspended walls: 3ᵉ
movable wall: 4ᵉ
mobile office partition: 1st

“As the owner of an SME, I was looking for a comprehensive and effective solution to improve our online presence. Working with this team exceeded all my expectations. From the online quote request system that revolutionized our sales process, to the 3D configurator that impressed our customers, every feature added has been a real asset to our business. Their understanding of our needs, coupled with their technical expertise, enabled us to deliver an exceptional user experience. The return on investment has been rapid, and we continue to see sustained growth as a result of these enhancements. I recommend their services without reservation!”

Hubert Mangin

Manager – ACOPLAN

Ready to turn your website into a powerful lead generator?

At EXOCORP, we combine user experience, marketing, SEO and SEA to create customized solutions that meet your needs. Don’t miss the opportunity to boost your online presence and achieve your business goals.

Frequently asked questions

We’ve compiled a list of questions frequently asked by our customers and partners. If you can’t find the answer to your question here, please contact us directly. We’re always here to help.

What is SEO and why is it important?

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the art of optimizing a website so that it appears in non-paying search engine results. It’s essential for increasing visibility, attracting more visitors and converting these visitors into customers.

How can link diversification improve a site's reputation?

Link diversification means getting links from different types of sites. This makes the link profile more natural and credible in the eyes of search engines, helping to increase site awareness and ranking.

What is a thematic mini-site (PBN) and how can it be used?

A thematic mini-site (PBN) is a website created specifically to reinforce the link profile of another site. To be effective, it must be well structured and related to the main site’s theme. PBNs can significantly boost online presence by providing quality links.

How does user experience (UX) affect SEO?

A good user experience encourages visitors to spend more time on the site, thus reducing the bounce rate. Search engines consider these factors as positive signals, which can improve the site’s ranking in search results.

What is copywriting and how can it contribute to the success of a website?

Copywriting is the art of writing persuasive and engaging texts. Good copywriting can encourage visitors to take action, whether to subscribe to a newsletter, buy a product or share content. This can increase conversion and contribute to the site’s overall success.

How can I implement an effective digital strategy for my company?

An effective digital strategy requires a clear understanding of the company’s objectives, the target audience, and the most relevant communication channels. It should include a combination of SEO, content marketing, social media and other tactics tailored to your specific needs.