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Boost your sales performance with Pipedrive CRM and EXOCORP


EXOCORP, your preferred partner for Pipedrive CRM integration and support

With our expertise in website development, SEO, SEA, social networking, marketing and many other fields, we are the reference agency for small and medium-sized businesses. Our comprehensive, ROI-focused approach enables us to integrate Pipedrive into your digital strategy, creating a perfect synergy between your tools and your business objectives. With EXOCORP, transform your customer relationship management and take your business to new horizons.

Rely on EXOCORP’s expertise and give your company the competitive edge it deserves.







Why Pipedrive CRM?

Pipedrive, the best CRM for SMBs that adapts to your business

Pipedrive is not just a CRM, it’s a revolution in customer relationship management. Voted best CRM for innovation and user satisfaction, it offers an ergonomic, intuitive and flexible interface that adapts perfectly to your needs. Like more than 100,000 companies in 179 countries, rely on Pipedrive to improve your customer relations and significantly increase your sales.

See how Pipedrive compares with other CRMs

Hubspot can be interesting for companies that have an exclusively digital, hyper-automated business and that only do harvesting prospecting (no nurturing) because Hubspot is very expensive when you have to manage a database of over 1,000 contacts.

And unlike Salesforce, Pipedrive’s technical support is reactive and available in French 24/7.
Pipedrive is the most profitable CRM on the market, with aggressive pricing and innovative, high value-added features.

Get a free demonstration of Pipedrive with an expert, one month’s free use and a sneak preview of CRM developments.

Made-to-measure customization

We optimize your database and processes for enhanced sales performance

Every company is unique, and we’re committed to customizing your database and processes to meet your exact needs. By creating custom fields and setting up automatic calculations, we transform your CRM into a powerful, customized tool. These adjustments provide your sales force with useful, relevant data, making their day-to-day work easier and more efficient.

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What’s more, these customizations help improve company statistics, providing a clearer, more precise view of your performance. What’s in it for you? A tailor-made solution that perfectly aligns with your business objectives, optimizes your operations and gives you a competitive edge in your market.

Ready to transform your CRM into a powerful tool perfectly suited to your needs? Discover how our tailor-made solutions can improve your business performance and give you a competitive edge.

Would you like us to boost your company’s sales performance?

The main features of Pipedrive CRM

From advanced email management to complete database personalization and automation of low-value-added actions, Pipedrive is designed to make your life easier and improve your teams’ performance.

Synchronization with your office tools

CRM lets you synchronize your emails, contacts, calendar if you have Google Calendar or Outlook, and your Google Drive, OneDrive or SharePoint storage space.

Real-time dashboard

Produce detailed visual reports on your sales and customers, transforming raw data into understandable, actionable information for better strategic decision-making.

Powerful automation

Pipedrive lets you automate any stage of your sales process for your entire team, from planning sales calls to e-mail marketing.

Advanced email management

Receive notifications for opened e-mails, use customizable templates, plan your mailings and reach multiple contacts with bulk e-mailing for effective follow-up.

Best mobile app

Access your sales data on the move with features such as call tracking, powerful search, structured day organization, geolocation and automatic transcription of audio notes.

Customer relationship management

Pipedrive offers complete customer relationship management, helping you to maintain and develop your relationships with your customers.

Boost your CRM performance with our specific developments

We go beyond simple Pipedrive integration. Our specific developments enable you to create tailor-made business applications that boost the performance of your CRM.

Hyper-customization of Pipedrive

We customize the graphical interface and add functionality to Pipedrive.

Business Application Development

We develop business applications that interact with Pipedrive (intranet/extranet, stock management, production planning and management, supplier orders, etc.).

Importing data from a PDF

We retrieve the data present in a PDF deposited in a Pipedrive Case and insert it in the right place in the CRM.

Connection to your website and Sage

We set up connectors between your website or Sage ERP and Pipedrive.

Better support for your employees for greater comfort and productivity

At EXOCORP, we care about your employees. From sales process mapping to premium assistance, we offer comprehensive support for greater comfort and productivity.

Sales Process Mapping

We map out your sales process to identify improvements and train your new employees.

Welcome and start-up booklet for new employees

We produce welcome booklets with PDF and video tutorials, and guide new employees through their first steps.

Premium support

Every employee can contact us through the channel of their choice for responsive, efficient help.

Training sessions

We offer face-to-face and remote training sessions to help you master new sales tools and methods.

EXOCORP is your global partner for Pipedrive

Customized parameterization

We tailor Pipedrive to your needs, combining our experience with current best practices.

Team training

We train your teams in the use of CRM and new working methods.

Creating automations

We automate low value-added actions to improve your teams’ productivity.

Data exchange

We set up data exchange gateways between the CRM and your website and the rest of your information system.

Modernization of media and video production

We modernize your media and customer contact points to improve your conversion rate. We can also produce corporate videos, motion design instructional videos and product videos. Today, video is an essential B2B marketing medium for SMEs, as explained in our article: The importance of video in B2B marketing for SMEs.

Annual premium support

We offer premium support for your teams in CRM usage, configuration and automation.

Integration into your overall digitalization project

We integrate your CRM project into your company’s overall digitalization project, such as modernizing your website or selling your products on Amazon if you sell products online.

Global approach

Our global approach ensures a complete, integrated solution for your business.

10 years' experience

Looking for a complete, integrated solution for your Pipedrive CRM? EXOCORP is there to support you every step of the way, from customization to premium support.

Our collective offers you complete integration of your CRM project into your overall digitalization project. From training your teams to modernizing your media, we’re here to help you every step of the way.

Add high-value extensions

With over 400 extensions, Pipedrive can be customized to your specific needs. Whether you want to generate documents with just a few clicks, identify companies visiting your website, or make outgoing calls from the same number as the incoming call, we can help you set up and configure these extensions. EXOCORP is here to help you exploit Pipedrive’s full potential.

Smart Docs

Generate your documents (Quotes, Contracts, etc.) in just a few clicks with Smart Docs, track openings and offer electronic signatures.


This extension includes a chatbot and forms for your website that creates items directly in your CRM.


Make calls from Pipedrive, record audio, get statistics, and automate your follow-ups with this extension.

Web visitors

Identify the companies that visit your website and cross-reference the information already in your CRM.


Send newsletters in Pipedrive and create personalized e-mailing campaigns.


Plan, track and deliver your projects on time with Pipedrive’s Projects.


Create Contacts and Organizations in Pipedrive from Linkedin, send connection requests, and display Linkedin messages in Pipedrive.

Marketing Automation

Use marketing automation to send automated, personalized e-mail sequences. For more information, see our complete guide to Marketing Automation.

Database deduplication

Deduplicate your contacts and organizations with our professional multi-criteria tool.

8 reasons to partner Pipedrive with Exocorp

From hyper-customization to effervescence, discover why EXOCORP is the ideal partner for your Pipedrive project, aligned with your company’s needs and objectives. Don’t let your company pay more by asking us to take over your Pipedrive account after one year. Get off to a good start with EXOCORP. We’re here to help you make the most of Pipedrive and transform your business. With our expertise and commitment to your success, you have everything you need to succeed.

A global digital project (360)

By combining Pipedrive with EXOCORP, you can integrate your CRM into a global digital transformation project. We help you connect Pipedrive with all aspects of your business, creating a complete solution that supports your business and technology objectives. Here you can see how we connect your CRM to your website and here the importance of video in B2B marketing for SMEs.

Tailor-made CRM

EXOCORP offers complete customization of Pipedrive to your specific needs. Whether it’s the graphical interface or the functionalities, we make sure Pipedrive adapts perfectly to your business, improving efficiency and user satisfaction.

Mastering the database

We’ll help you import all your data into Pipedrive and deduplicate your Contacts and Organizations. This ensures a clean, well-structured database, essential for accurate analysis and informed decision-making.

Productivity: automate low value-added actions

By automating low value-added actions, EXOCORP enables you to improve your teams’ productivity. This frees up time for more strategic tasks and contributes to better overall performance.

Team performance

We offer training and support to take the stress out of your employees’ transition to Pipedrive. By training them in the best working methods, we improve their performance and their confidence in using CRM.

Perfectly integrated CRM

EXOCORP ensures seamless integration of Pipedrive with your existing information system and website. This enables smooth collaboration between different departments and tools, creating a consistent and efficient user experience.

All-in-one lead generation

We set up acquisition channels for you and measure their performance right through to conversion in your CRM. This allows you to understand which strategies work best and adjust your marketing efforts accordingly.

Constant monitoring of the latest trends and innovations

By choosing EXOCORP, you stay at the forefront of the latest trends and innovations. Thanks to our business intelligence, business case sharing and customer exchange sessions, you benefit from a constant source of inspiration and knowledge to help you continue to innovate and grow.

Our options for going further

Modernizing your website

Modernizing your CRM can be the perfect opportunity to revitalize your website and create dynamic connections between the two.

Read more

By synchronizing your CRM with your website, you enable seamless communication between your sales, marketing and customer service departments, creating a consistent, personalized user experience.

Whether managing leads, tracking customer interactions or creating targeted marketing campaigns, this integration facilitates a deep understanding of your customers and their needs. Updating your CRM and website at the same time means not only greater efficiency, but also the ability to provide your customers and prospects with a more engaging and relevant experience, resulting in increased loyalty and potentially higher sales.

Video production for a video marketing campaign

Setting up or upgrading your CRM can be a strategic time to launch an effective video marketing campaign.

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CRM gives you a detailed understanding of your customers and prospects, their preferences and buying behavior. Using this data to create targeted marketing videos can dramatically improve the engagement of your audience and the relevance of your message.

By creating videos that speak directly to your customers’ needs and desires, you can increase conversion and loyalty. What’s more, by integrating these videos into your CRM, you can track the effectiveness of your video campaigns, measure ROI and adjust your strategy accordingly. In short, the combination of CRM modernization and video creation enables more precise and effective marketing action, contributing to a better connection with your target audience.

Maximizing Amazon sales through CRM modernization

Upgrading or implementing a new CRM can be an effective strategy for a company looking to develop its sales on Amazon.

Read more

By optimizing customer relationship management with a robust CRM, companies can better understand their customers’ needs and behaviors. This increased knowledge enables us to align offers and promotions on Amazon with customer expectations, creating a more personalized and efficient shopping experience.

At the same time, data synchronization between CRM and Amazon can automate certain processes, such as customer segmentation or the targeting of advertising campaigns, facilitating the implementation of strategic actions on Amazon. Coupling CRM modernization with action on Amazon therefore offers a unique opportunity to increase sales while improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Creating an acquisition channel with social networks

Implementing or modernizing your company’s CRM opens up new opportunities for customer acquisition, particularly via social networks.

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Using a CRM such as Pipedrive, you can directly connect your social platforms such as LinkedIn, WhatsApp and Facebook to your CRM system.

This enables you to centralize your interactions with customers and prospects, analyze data from these channels and automate targeted marketing campaigns. This seamless integration creates a consistent user experience, stimulates engagement, and enables you to track and analyze the performance of your social network marketing efforts in a more efficient and personalized way. CRM then becomes a powerful tool not only for managing your customer relationships, but also for leveraging social networks as an essential acquisition channel, all within a unified interface.

“We had a unique challenge: we needed a specific business application that could interact seamlessly with our CRM. EXOCORP not only understood our needs, they also designed and developed a tailor-made solution that integrates perfectly with Pipedrive. This application has revolutionized our inventory management and production planning, while enabling real-time synchronization with our sales data. The result? Increased efficiency, better collaboration between our departments, and a clearer view of our sales pipeline. EXOCORP’s professionalism and expertise in the development of CRM-connected business applications is second to none. They have been an essential partner in our success. “

Arnaud Bernollin


Ready to transform your business with Pipedrive and EXOCORP?

Contact us today and find out how we can help you. Don’t miss this opportunity to take your company’s sales performance to the next level.

Frequently asked questions

We’ve compiled a list of questions frequently asked by our customers and partners. If you can’t find the answer to your question here, please contact us directly. We’re always here to help.

What is Pipedrive and why should I use it?

Pipedrive is an intuitive, flexible customer relationship management (CRM) tool designed to help companies improve their sales processes. It offers features such as sales automation, email management and personalization, which can significantly increase sales and improve customer relations.

How can EXOCORP help me with Pipedrive?

EXOCORP is a team of experts who can help you integrate and customize Pipedrive to your specific needs. We offer services such as customized configuration, team training, automation creation, and annual premium support, to ensure you get the most out of Pipedrive.

Is Pipedrive right for my type of business?

Pipedrive is designed to suit a wide range of businesses, including very small and medium-sized companies. Its flexibility and wide range of functions make it suitable for different sectors and company sizes.

What are the alternatives to Pipedrive and how do they compare?

Although there are other CRMs like Hubspot and Salesforce, Pipedrive is often considered the most cost-effective on the market. It offers responsive technical support in French 24/7, and its aggressive pricing and innovative features set it apart from the competition.

How can I add extensions to Pipedrive?

Pipedrive offers over 400 extensions that you can integrate into your CRM. EXOCORP can help you choose, set up and configure these extensions according to your specific needs, such as Smart Docs for document generation or LeadBooster for prospecting.

Does EXOCORP offer ongoing support after Pipedrive installation?

Yes, EXOCORP offers annual premium support for your teams on CRM usage, configuration and automation. We are available via various channels such as chat, email, telephone and videoconferencing.

How does EXOCORP train my teams to use Pipedrive?

EXOCORP offers face-to-face and remote training sessions for your teams. We also offer welcome booklets with PDF and video tutorials, and support new employees in their first steps with Pipedrive.

Can I customize Pipedrive to my specific needs?

Yes, EXOCORP can help you customize Pipedrive to suit your needs. Whether it’s the graphical interface, the addition of functionality, or the development of business applications that interact with Pipedrive, we have the expertise to make Pipedrive the perfect fit for your business.