Complete guide to Marketing Automation with Pipedrive: optimize your sales and engage your customers

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Marketing automation is a process that uses technology to automate repetitive and time-consuming marketing tasks. It enables companies to target customers with automated messages across channels such as email, social networks, and more. Pipedrive, a market-leading CRM tool, offers marketing automation features that can revolutionize the way companies manage their customer relationships. It lets you create personalized campaigns, track customer interactions and analyze results, all in a user-friendly interface.

Marketing automation features in Pipedrive

Pipedrive offers a full range of marketing automation features, including :

  1. E-mail automation : Create and schedule personalized e-mail sequences to engage your customers at different stages of the sales cycle.
  2. Segmentation and targeting : Use detailed data to create specific customer segments and target them with relevant, personalized messages.
  3. Lead tracking and scoring : Evaluate leads according to their commitment and potential, and focus your efforts on the most promising.
  4. Social network integration : Connect your social network accounts to track and manage customer interactions from a single platform.

Integrate marketing automation tools such as LemList with Pipedrive

Pipedrive’s integration with other marketing automation tools such as Mailchimp, HubSpot, LemList or other tools via Zapier, enables smoother coordination between sales and marketing teams. These integrations enable you to synchronize data between platforms, automate lead transfers, and create customized workflows that match your specific needs. In particular, connecting LemList to Pipedrive opens up a whole new world of possibilities for marketing automation. This integration enables companies to synchronize their e-mail campaigns with their CRM, creating an automated, consistent workflow. With LemList, you can personalize your e-mails to an advanced level, including customized images, and track performance directly in Pipedrive. This means that sales and marketing teams can work together more effectively, tracking prospects through the sales tunnel and reacting quickly to opportunities. The combination of LemList with Pipedrive offers a powerful solution for automating marketing tasks, improving customer engagement, and ultimately increasing sales.

Multichannel strategy: the importance of diversifying contact points in marketing automation campaigns

Diversifying the types of contact points in marketing automation campaigns is an essential strategy for effectively engaging prospects and customers. Adding different communication channels, such as sending LinkedIn messages in an e-mail sequence, creates a richer, more personalized experience. Tools like LemList or DuxSoup enable this integration, offering the possibility of reaching prospects where they are most active. This multi-channel approach increases the chances of interaction and response, because it doesn’t rely solely on e-mail, a channel that can become saturated. Combining e-mails and LinkedIn messages, for example, can create a more dynamic and engaging communication sequence, reflecting a deeper understanding of prospects’ preferences and behaviors. This diversification of contact points helps to build a stronger, more authentic relationship with prospects, offering them a more consistent and relevant experience, whatever channel they prefer to use.

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Use cases and marketing automation scenarios with Pipedrive

Pipedrive can be used in a variety of marketing automation scenarios, such as :

  • Automate lead follow-up : Automate lead follow-up and management, ensuring that every prospect receives prompt and appropriate attention.
  • Sales opportunity management : Use Pipedrive to track and manage sales opportunities, automating tasks such as scheduling reminders and sending documents.
  • Customer satisfaction and loyalty : Create automated campaigns to collect feedback, offer rewards, and keep customers engaged after purchase.

Examples of marketing automation campaign objectives

Marketing automation campaigns can serve a variety of strategic objectives, depending on a company’s needs and targets. For example, they can aim to increase brand awareness by delivering relevant, engaging content to a targeted audience. They can also aim to generate qualified leads by offering incentives such as free ebooks or webinars. Customer engagement can be enhanced with personalized e-mail sequences that provide information and offers tailored to each customer’s interests and behavior. Building loyalty among existing customers can be another objective, by offering exclusive discounts or sharing privileged content. Finally, marketing automation campaigns can also be used to recover abandoned shopping baskets in an online store, by sending reminders and special offers to encourage completion of the purchase. Each objective requires a specific approach and tactics, and automation enables these to be implemented efficiently and consistently.

Performance measurement and analysis in Pipedrive

Pipedrive offers powerful analysis tools that enable you to track and evaluate the performance of your marketing automation campaigns. You can :

  • Create customized dashboards : Set up dashboards to track the KPIs that matter most to your business.
  • Analyze trends : Use Pipedrive reports to identify trends and patterns in your data, and make strategic adjustments accordingly.
  • Measure Return on Investment (ROI) : Track the cost and performance of each campaign to understand your ROI and make informed decisions on resource allocation.

Best practices and tips for marketing automation with Pipedrive

To maximize the effectiveness of Pipedrive and marketing automation, follow these best practices:

  • Set clear objectives : Understand what you want to achieve with marketing automation and define measurable objectives.
  • Test and optimize : Use A/B analysis to test different elements of your campaigns and make adjustments based on the results.
  • Train your team : Make sure your team understands how to use Pipedrive and related marketing automation tools to maximize their effectiveness.

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Testimonials and case studies

Many companies have found success using Pipedrive for marketing automation. For example:

  • ABAC INTERNATIONAL : By using Pipedrive to automate its e-mail campaigns, XYZ increased its conversion rates by 30%.
  • LABORATOIRE POURQUERY : Thanks to the integration of Pipedrive with its information system, Laboratoire Pourquery has streamlined its sales processes and improved collaboration between sales and marketing teams.

Comparison with other CRM and marketing automation tools

Pipedrive stands out from its competitors thanks to its ease of use, powerful integrations and excellent value for money. Here’s how it compares to other popular tools:

  • Salesforce : More complex and often more expensive, Salesforce offers more functionality, but can have a steeper learning curve.
  • HubSpot : Although similar in terms of functionality, HubSpot may be more oriented towards inbound marketing, while Pipedrive offers a more sales-oriented approach.

EXOCORP’s expertise: essential support for implementing and optimizing marketing automation solutions connected to Pipedrive

Setting up and configuring marketing automation solutions connected to Pipedrive is no simple task, and requires specific expertise, particularly in domain and DNS management. These technical aspects can quickly become complex, requiring a deep understanding of systems and protocols. What’s more, the design and copywriting of marketing automation campaigns are crucial, requiring in-depth knowledge of marketing best practices and the ability to align campaigns with business objectives. That’s where an expert like EXOCORP can make all the difference. EXOCORP offers comprehensive support, including campaign set-up, configuration, design, copywriting and results analysis, ensuring that every stage is handled with care and expertise. This support enables companies to maximize the effectiveness of their marketing automation efforts, ensuring that tools are configured correctly and campaigns are designed to meet specific business objectives.


Pipedrive and marketing automation are a powerful combination that can transform your business. By automating repetitive tasks, personalizing customer interactions, and providing detailed analytics, Pipedrive can help you achieve your business goals faster and more efficiently. Ready to get started? Contact us today for a free demo and find out how Pipedrive can help your business thrive.

Frequently asked questions

What is marketing automation and how can Pipedrive improve my sales?

Marketing automation is the use of technology to automate marketing tasks, such as sending e-mails and tracking leads. Pipedrive is a CRM tool that offers marketing automation features, enabling companies to engage customers in a personalized way, analyze results and increase sales.

What marketing automation integrations are available with Pipedrive?

Pipedrive integrates with popular marketing automation tools such as Mailchimp, HubSpot and LemList. These integrations enable seamless coordination between sales and marketing teams, automating lead transfers and data synchronization.

How does Pipedrive's multi-channel strategy improve customer engagement?

Pipedrive’s multi-channel strategy uses different communication channels, such as e-mail and LinkedIn, to create a richer customer experience. This increases the chances of interaction and response, building a stronger relationship with prospects and customers.

How can Pipedrive be used to manage sales opportunities and build customer loyalty?

Pipedrive automates the follow-up and management of leads and sales opportunities. It can also create automated campaigns to gather feedback, offer rewards and keep customers engaged after purchase, contributing to loyalty.

What analysis tools does Pipedrive offer to measure the performance of my marketing automation campaigns?

Pipedrive offers powerful analysis tools, such as customized dashboards and reports, to track KPIs, identify trends, measure ROI and make strategic adjustments accordingly.

How does Pipedrive compare with Salesforce and HubSpot in terms of marketing automation?

Pipedrive is renowned for its ease of use and excellent value for money. Compared to Salesforce, it’s less complex, and compared to HubSpot, it offers a more sales-focused approach, albeit with similar functionality.

How can EXOCORP help you implement marketing automation solutions with Pipedrive?

EXOCORP offers comprehensive support in setting up, configuring and optimizing marketing automation solutions connected to Pipedrive. Their expertise ensures that tools are configured correctly and campaigns are designed to meet the company’s specific objectives.

Where can I get a free demo of Pipedrive for marketing automation?

Contact EXOCORP for a free demonstration of Pipedrive and find out how it can help your business thrive through marketing automation.

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