The benefits of outsourcing web copywriting as part of an overall digital strategy

Outsourced web copywriting offers a versatile solution for companies wishing to improve their online presence, by providing quality content strategically aligned with their objectives, and integrating specialized services such as marketing copywriting for websites, LinkedIn profiles, and social network posts.
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The web copywriter’s job

Web copywriters use artificial intelligence to produce varied content, adapted to all media and subjects. Their flexibility makes it possible to create engaging, search-engine-optimized content, adding significant value to any content strategy.

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Writing blog articles

Strategic, personalized blog posts play a crucial role in increasing a brand’s visibility and authority online. Using advanced SEO and copywriting techniques, copywriters deliver content that attracts and retains the attention of the target audience. When writing SEO content, EXOCORP’s web copywriters use semantic optimization tools to identify and integrate relevant keywords and expressions that improve natural referencing. These tools also help structure the article for better indexing by search engines, ensuring maximum visibility and increased audience engagement.

Semantic optimization first involves collecting all the terms, questions, entities and interests related to the subject of a piece of content, and comparing the optimization carried out by competitors.

Newsletter writing

Professionally-created newsletters offer direct, personalized communication with audiences, increasing engagement and loyalty. They are an effective way of maintaining dialogue and stimulating interest in the company’s offers and news.

Website marketing copywriting

Marketing copywriting on a website is essential for converting visitors into customers. Compelling, well-structured content leads visitors through an optimized customer journey. For further information, the article “Marketing Expertise and Global Digital Strategy” offers valuable insights.

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LinkedIn profile writing

An effective LinkedIn profile is a key component of personal branding and professional networking. Specialized copywriters can transform a profile into an attractive, professional showcase, aligned with the individual’s personal and professional goals. For more details, see the article “Marketing Expertise and Global Digital Strategy” for an in-depth analysis.

Writing posts on social networks

Writing posts for social networks is an art in itself, requiring a detailed understanding of each platform and its audience. Well-crafted posts increase engagement, reinforce the brand and stimulate interaction. For a successful strategy on social networks, it’s essential to integrate these elements into an overall digital strategy, as explained in the detailed article “Social Media Management and how to integrate it into an overall digital strategy”.

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Challenges for the company

By outsourcing web copywriting, companies can respond effectively to multiple challenges, particularly in terms of time, quality and specificity of content. This allows them to focus on other strategic aspects, while ensuring a consistent and impactful online presence.

Global digital strategy

Integrating editorial outsourcing into the overall digital strategy ensures consistency and efficiency on all digital fronts. It enables rapid adaptation and quality content, aligned with market trends and audience needs.

Outsourced copywriting

Outsourcing gives companies access to a wide range of expertise, tailored to their specific needs. It saves a significant amount of time and guarantees high content quality, especially for specialized content such as posts on social networks.

Optimize internal copywriting with EXOCORP’s personalized AI assistant

EXOCORP offers an innovative service through the creation of customized AI assistants for companies, designed specifically to automate and optimize internal writing tasks. This intelligent assistant is capable of writing e-mails, preparing reports and creating a variety of content tailored to the company’s specific needs. Leveraging advanced machine learning technologies, the AI assistant learns the company’s style and preferences, ensuring that every text produced is consistent with the brand’s voice and tone. This service not only saves valuable time, but also improves the quality and consistency of internal communications.


By outsourcing web copywriting, companies benefit from a flexible and effective content strategy. With the addition of specialized services for marketing copywriting, LinkedIn profiles and social network posts, they can significantly strengthen their online presence and digital strategy.

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to remember

The 3 advantages of outsourced web copywriting as part of a global digital strategy

Access to specialized expertise

Outsourcing gives companies access to professional web copywriters who have mastered the latest SEO and marketing copywriting techniques. These experts produce content strategically aligned with corporate objectives and optimized for search engines, increasing brand visibility and authority online.

Time-saving and flexible

By outsourcing copywriting to external specialists, companies save valuable time that can be reinvested in other strategic aspects of their business. What’s more, outsourcing offers great flexibility, enabling us to adapt quickly to fluctuating content needs and easily manage peaks in demand.

Quality, personalized content

External web copywriters produce engaging, informative and personalized content that captures the attention of the target audience. Whether for blog articles, newsletters or social media posts, each piece is written to precisely meet the needs and preferences of the target audience, boosting engagement and loyalty.

Frequently asked questions

How does artificial intelligence improve content writing?

Artificial intelligence improves content writing by helping to find relevant data, suggesting stylistic and grammatical improvements, and optimizing content for SEO. It also enables content to be more finely tailored to the audience, and can generate innovative content ideas, while speeding up the editorial process.

What are the advantages of outsourcing web copywriting?

Outsourcing web copywriting allows companies to benefit from quality content written by experts, saving time and internal resources. It provides expertise and an outside perspective, often more up to date with the latest SEO trends and practices. What’s more, this allows for a flexibility and scale of production that would be difficult to achieve in-house.

How does marketing copy impact website conversion?

Marketing copywriting plays a crucial role in website conversion by creating persuasive messages that prompt action. Good marketing content captures attention, awakens interest, arouses desire and encourages action through effective calls to action. It also helps to explain the value proposition of a product or service in a clear and attractive way, thus increasing the conversion rate.

What elements are important in writing a LinkedIn profile?

An effective LinkedIn profile should include a professional photo, a captivating summary, detailed experience and well-presented skills. The essay should be concise yet complete, professional yet personal, and highlight specific achievements and skills. It’s also important to keep your profile up to date and to optimize it with relevant keywords to be found by recruiters or potential partners.

How important are posts on social networks in a digital strategy?

Posts on social networks are essential in a digital strategy because they increase brand visibility, engage the community, and drive traffic to the website or other sales channels. They enable you to share relevant content, promote products or services, and interact directly with your audience. A well-designed content strategy for social networks can significantly improve brand awareness and customer loyalty.