Our mission?

Optimizing the digital performance of large companies with specific needs

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EXOCORP is a collective of digital experts, focusing on advanced solutions for large enterprises. We adopt a tailor-made strategy aimed at maximizing ROI and improving digital performance, while addressing the unique challenges of each organization.

Our strengths

Integrated, ROI-oriented approach

Experts with over 10 years' experience

Effervescence and pragmatism

Cutting-edge tools and methods

Who we are

A strategic partner for major corporations.

EXOCORP is your strategic partner, adaptable to your needs. Whether you work directly with us or via an existing agency, our aim is to understand your objectives, stimulate your growth and create customized solutions. Our expertise in digital transformation and our focus on return on investment make EXOCORP a key ally for your ambitions. By working with us, either directly or through your agency, you benefit from a partnership dedicated to creating value and achieving measurable results, essential to the success of your business.

What sets us apart

Tailor-made integration into your environment to meet your specific needs

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pour la notoriété




Social Media
Social Ads
Social Selling
Réalisation de vidéos
Gestion influenceurs


Achat de mots clés pour apparaitre dans les annonces en haut et en bas des résultats
Landing page


Arborescence idéale
Optimisation technique
Étude de Mots clés
Contenu et sémantique
Optimisation Métas
Données structurées (pour que vos pages soient plus visibles dans les résultats)


Réalisation du site internet :

  • Vitrine
  • Catalogue
  • E-commerce
  • Enchères
  • Extranet

Réalisation d’animations
et de vidéos
Optimisation des appels à l’action sur les pages de conversion (clics, formulaires, prise de rendez-vous)
Gestion de stock
Planning et gestion de production
Commandes fournisseurs
Connexion de votre CRM
avec votre site internet et avec Sage



Déploiement du CRM Pipedrive (les prospects sont directement créés dans votre CRM)
Modernisation et automatisation de votre système d’information
Hyper-personnalisations de Pipedrive
Support d’aide à la vente

Marketing automation
Mesure de la performance de chacun des canaux d’acquisition, jusqu’à la génération du Chiffre d’Affaires


An approach focused on your return on investment.

Thanks to our experience with major market players, we understand the strategic challenges and performance requirements of large companies. We’d be delighted to arrange a meeting with you to present one of our flagship products in detail, adapted to large structures. This presentation will be an opportunity to explore together a tailor-made strategy, perfectly aligned with your company’s unique objectives and challenges.

Measure your digital performance.

For large companies, mastering acquisition channels and integrating advanced dashboards connected to your CRM system are crucial for effective digital performance management. This strategy provides a clear and detailed vision, essential for steering your large-scale initiatives. It not only allows you to measure the effectiveness of your efforts in real time, but also to adjust your digital strategy in an agile and informed way. This approach is fundamental to optimizing your operations, ensuring accurate data-driven decision-making and aligning your actions with the strategic and commercial objectives of your company, which operates in a complex and constantly changing environment.

Supporting few customers, but turning them into digital performers…


Loyal customers supported on a wide range of issues


Leads generated via our acquisition systems


Average annual sales generated by our customers

“EXOCORP has been instrumental in improving our digital performance and integrating innovative solutions, transforming the way we work. Their expertise and commitment to ROI have significantly increased our operational efficiency and helped us achieve our business objectives.”

Alexandra Michy

Communications Manager – ENGIE

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