How can Amazon sales be integrated into your overall digital strategy?

In a world where online commerce is becoming increasingly competitive, integrating sales on Amazon into your overall digital strategy can be an essential growth lever. This guide explores the many facets of this integration, offering an in-depth perspective on how to maximize your online presence and increase your sales with Amazon. Whether you’re a small seller exploring individual sales or an established brand looking to optimize your professional sales strategy, this guide will provide you with the keys to successfully navigating the Amazon ecosystem. From effective logistics management to creating a consistent brand experience, discover the best practices for standing out in a saturated market and creating synergy between Amazon and your e-commerce site. Get ready to transform your digital approach and seize the opportunities offered by Amazon to propel your business to new heights of success.
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What is selling on Amazon?

Selling on Amazon means choosing from a range of packages tailored to the size and needs of your business:

  1. Individual sales: ideal for small sellers, with a fee per item sold.
  2. Professional Sales: designed for regular salespeople, offering more sales and follow-up tools.
  3. Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA): Amazon takes care of the logistics, which is perfect for those who want to concentrate on developing their brand.
  4. Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP): for those who prefer to manage logistics themselves, while benefiting from the Prime brand.
  5. Amazon Vendor Central: an invitation to sell directly to Amazon, suitable for established brands seeking significant expansion.

The advantages of selling on Amazon for businesses

The main advantage of selling on Amazon is access to a global market. High-quality images and detailed videos help companies stand out in a saturated market. By focusing on visual quality, brands can not only attract customers’ attention, but also effectively communicate the value and uniqueness of their products.

The challenges of selling on Amazon

The main challenge is to stand out in a sea of competitors. This implies a strong visual strategy. Images and videos that tell a story, highlight the product’s unique features, and are optimized for SEO are crucial. You also need to navigate through Amazon’s specific guidelines to ensure that content is compliant and effective.

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Integrating Amazon into a global digital strategy

Amazon shouldn’t be an isolated island in a company’s digital strategy. The visuals used on the platform must be consistent with the overall brand identity, including on social networks, the company website, and other sales channels. This creates a unified brand experience and strengthens brand recognition.

The complementary nature of selling on Amazon and of an e-commerce business

Selling on Amazon while running an independent e-commerce site is a strategically beneficial complement. On the one hand, Amazon makes it possible to reach a wide audience, taking advantage of its notoriety and considerable traffic. This can be particularly advantageous for companies looking to make a name for themselves or test new markets. On the other hand, having your own e-commerce site offers total freedom in terms of brand personalization, customer relationship management and pricing strategy.

By selling both on Amazon and on an e-commerce site of their own, companies can maximize their visibility and reach while retaining complete control over their brand and customer experience. This bimodal approach also diversifies revenue sources and reduces the risks associated with dependence on a single sales platform.

Consistent use of quality visuals on Amazon and on the e-commerce site reinforces the brand image and creates a harmonious customer experience. Amazon’s analytics tools and e-commerce site data can be used together to refine marketing strategy, understand customer preferences and optimize product assortment and promotional campaigns. This synergy between the two sales channels optimizes your online presence and increases your chances of commercial success.

In short, the combination of an Amazon presence and an e-commerce site offers companies unrivalled flexibility and reach, while enabling them to build and maintain a strong, direct relationship with their customers.

The role of an outsourced consultant

A consultant can offer valuable expertise in helping to navigate the complexities of Amazon. They can advise on best practices for visual content creation, store management and sales optimization. They can also help integrate Amazon sales into a broader digital marketing strategy.

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Creating an effective Amazon store

A successful Amazon store relies on high-quality visuals. Each image must be clear, professional and attractive. Videos must be informative and engaging. Explanatory graphics can also help clarify complex product features. The aim is to provide the customer with a complete and attractive understanding of the product.

Amazon Advertising strategy for an optimized presence

An Amazon Advertising strategy audit is essential to analyze current campaign performance and define an optimization plan. This includes the implementation of granular campaigns and the activation of Sponsored Products and Brands components, following both an offensive and defensive strategy. These practices need to be passed on to the e-commerce site, where targeted advertising and promotional campaigns can also be implemented to increase awareness and Return on Advertising Spend (RoAS).

Development of an advertising strategy after optimization of the catalog and media

To build a robust advertising strategy on Amazon, it’s essential to rely on a meticulously designed campaign structure. After a thorough catalog and media optimization phase, which includes updating product descriptions, enhancing images and integrating enriched content such as videos and tutorials, the advertising strategy can then be redeployed with greater finesse.

Granular campaigns enable more precise segmentation of products and audiences. For example, flagship products can benefit from dedicated campaigns that exploit specific high-converting keywords, while complementary or accessory products can be promoted through cross-selling and up-selling strategies. Amazon’s Sponsored Products and Brands streams offer opportunities to increase product visibility through strategic ad placements, such as product detail pages or search results, targeting consumers at the most conversion-friendly times.

Offensive strategies can include aggressive bidding on highly competitive keywords to dominate product categories, while defensive approaches can focus on brand protection and maintaining market share against competitors. By continually adjusting campaigns according to performance data and market trends, brands can develop RoAS and strengthen their market position.

This refined strategy, once successfully applied on Amazon, can be adjusted and used as a template for advertising campaigns on other e-commerce platforms, ensuring a consistent and integrated approach to digital marketing.

Creating an immersive Brand Store

The creation of a Brand Store on Amazon must offer an immersive shopping experience, combining text, photos and videos to present the brand’s universe and its products. This should be designed to develop upsell and cross-sell while improving brand awareness. On an e-commerce site, these same principles can be applied through an attractive layout and visual storytelling to engage visitors and encourage them to explore more products.

A+ content for enriched product pages

A+ Content on Amazon allows you to create enriched product pages, using photos and effective staging to remove doubts and objections, while increasing the conversion rate. By applying these principles to the e-commerce site, we can add value to products by giving them a premium dimension, even at low prices, and reinforce the value proposition perceived by customers.

Integrating these Amazon strategies into the article highlights the importance of a consistent and powerful online presence, both on Amazon and on an e-commerce site of one’s own. The aim is to create synergy between the two platforms, maximizing the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, the quality of the shopping experience and, ultimately, sales performance.

Use Amazon’s analysis tools

Amazon’s analytics tools provide valuable data on customer behavior and product performance. By analyzing this data, companies can understand which visuals work best and adjust their strategy accordingly. This may involve testing different types of images or video formats to see what resonates most with their target audience.

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Marketing and advertising on Amazon

Amazon marketing is highly visual. Well-designed advertising campaigns with high-quality images and powerful videos can considerably increase product visibility. Ads need to be attractive and informative, capturing the essence of the product in a way that prompts action.

Managing financial aspects

While creating quality visuals may represent an initial investment, the returns on this investment can be substantial. Quality images and videos can increase conversions and, consequently, revenues. It is therefore essential to balance production costs with potential benefits.

The importance of customer reviews

Customer reviews on Amazon are crucial for product credibility. Quality visuals can encourage positive reviews, as they reflect the brand’s commitment to quality and transparency. Positive reviews can then attract more customers, creating a virtuous circle of trust and sales.

Market developments and future trends

In an ever-changing market, keeping up with the latest trends in photography and video is essential to staying competitive on Amazon. This includes the use of emerging technologies such as augmented reality or 360-degree videos to deliver an even more immersive customer experience.

Case studies and success stories

Looking at case studies and success stories can provide valuable insights. Companies that have succeeded in significantly increasing their sales thanks to a strong visual strategy on Amazon can serve as a model. These studies often show how quality images, engaging videos and a consistent approach can transform the performance of an Amazon store.


Selling on Amazon offers incredible opportunities, but requires a thoughtful and strategic approach, especially when it comes to visual content. Investing in quality photos, explanatory videos and a coherent content strategy is essential for success in this competitive space.

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The 3 major advantages of a presence on Amazon as part of a global digital strategy

Access to a global market

Amazon gives us access to a large international audience, benefiting from its considerable notoriety and traffic. It’s a crucial lever for online businesses looking to make a name for themselves, test new markets, or simply boost their sales volume through increased visibility.

Complementarity with the e-commerce site

Selling on Amazon can be strategically complementary to running an independent e-commerce site. While Amazon allows you to reach a large audience quickly, having your own site allows for in-depth brand personalization, more direct customer relationship management and a flexible pricing strategy. This bimodal approach maximizes visibility and reach while retaining complete control over brand image and customer experience.

Optimization through quality visuals and analysis

Investing in professional photography and high-quality explanatory videos is essential to stand out in a saturated market and increase the chances of conversion. Amazon also offers invaluable analysis tools for understanding customer preferences and adjusting strategy accordingly. Using this data to refine visuals and product descriptions can significantly improve sales performance on the platform.

Frequently asked questions

How important are visuals on Amazon?

Visuals are essential on Amazon, as they represent the first point of contact between the product and the customer. Quality images and videos can increase conversions and build brand trust.

How do I choose between the different sales formulas on Amazon?

The choice depends on company size, sales volume and ability to manage logistics. Each formula has its advantages and disadvantages, and it’s important to choose the one that best suits your needs and resources.

Is it necessary to hire a professional to create visuals for Amazon?

Although it’s possible to create visuals in-house, hiring a professional can guarantee maximum quality and efficiency, especially if you don’t have the necessary expertise or resources.

How can Amazon's analysis tools improve sales?

Analysis tools provide data on product performance and customer behavior, enabling marketing and visual content strategies to be adjusted to maximize impact and sales.

What's the return on investment for high-quality visuals on Amazon?

The return on investment can be significant. High-quality visuals can increase visibility, improve the customer experience and boost conversion rates, translating into higher sales and revenues.