3D configurators: a revolution in product presentation and customization

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3D technology has opened up new opportunities in online marketing and sales. Among the most promising innovations, the 3D configurator offers an unprecedented customer experience. Directly integrated into the browser and requiring no installation, it’s a game-changer for product presentation and personalization. Here’s how.

An immersive visual experience

The 3D configurator allows users to view a product from all angles, offering a 360° view. Customers can zoom, rotate and explore every detail, just as if they were holding the real thing in their hands. This immersive visual experience helps customers understand the product, fostering trust and commitment.


Below is a demonstration of a 3D configurator, often used by product designers at the concept stage, for obtaining approvals, making presentations, and right up to display in e-commerce.

Customization at your fingertips

One of the greatest assets of the 3D configurator is its ability to enable customers to customize a product to their own tastes and needs. Whether it’s color, texture or the addition of accessories, the 3D configurator offers a multitude of options, all visible in real time. This enables customers to create a product that is uniquely their own, increasing satisfaction and loyalty.

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Accessible and practical

The fact that the 3D configurator works directly in the browser, without requiring installation, sets this technology apart from its competitors. It offers instant accessibility, whatever the device used. This ease of access is a considerable advantage for capturing a wider audience and offering a fluid user experience.

Endless commercial possibilities

For companies, the 3D configurator is a powerful tool for differentiation and sales. It offers the possibility of presenting an entire catalog in an interactive and engaging way. What’s more, integrating this technology can increase conversion rates and reduce returns, as customers know exactly what they’re buying.


The 3D configurator is more than just a visualization tool; it’s a platform for personalization, engagement and sales. Its ease of use and seamless browser integration make it a must-have solution for any company wishing to enhance the customer experience and stand out in a competitive market. At EXOCORP, we’ve mastered this technology and are ready to help you create a 3D configurator that meets your specific needs and objectives. The future of product presentation and personalization is here, and it’s in 3D.

Frequently asked questions

What is a 3D configurator?

A 3D configurator is an interactive tool enabling users to visualize and customize a product in three dimensions directly in the browser. It offers a realistic, immersive experience.

Why use a 3D configurator?

The 3D configurator improves customer engagement, enables them to understand exactly what they’re buying, and increases conversion rates by providing a unique, interactive personalization experience.

Do I need to install any software to use the 3D configurator?

No, the 3D configurator runs directly in the browser and requires no additional installation.

Is the 3D configurator suitable for all products?

The 3D configurator is adaptable to a wide variety of products, from furniture and vehicles to jewelry and electronics.

How can I integrate a 3D configurator into my website?

Integrating a 3D configurator generally requires collaboration with a team of developers specialized in 3D modeling and web programming. The process includes the creation of 3D models and the implementation of the tool on your site.

Is the 3D configurator secure?

Yes, modern 3D configurators are designed with robust security measures to protect user data and guarantee a safe, reliable experience.

Does the 3D configurator work on cell phones?

Most 3D configurators are designed to be responsive and work equally well on mobile devices and desktops, offering a consistent user experience.

How does the 3D configurator help online sales?

By providing accurate visualization and real-time customization options, the 3D configurator helps customers make informed purchasing decisions, reduces returns and improves overall satisfaction.

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