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In today’s competitive world, brands are constantly looking for innovative ways to stand out from the crowd. Social networks are the birthplace of user communities, and for years brands have devoted a significant part of their digital strategy to nurturing these channels.

Custom filters on Instagram represent a unique opportunity to increase visibility, engage audiences and create a strong brand identity. This article explores how your company can use these tools to enrich its customer experience and strengthen its online presence.

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Increased brand visibility

Sharing and using filters

Custom filters are an effective way of increasing your brand’s visibility. Every user who applies your filter to their publication becomes an ambassador for your brand, spreading your image to a wider audience.

Impact on organic reach

Filters encourage the organic distribution of your content. They work as a form of viral advertising, extending your company’s reach without additional advertising costs.

Improved commitment

Filter interactivity

Filters offer a unique and engaging form of interaction. They can transform the way users perceive and interact with your brand, making the experience both memorable and shareable.

Increased commitment rate

By incorporating interactive filters, you can increase the amount of time users spend with your content, improving engagement rates and strengthening customer relationships.
It’s also a very significant parameter for the social network’s algorithms, and therefore a lever for getting better exposure for your other content.

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Creating unique experiences

Custom filters enable your company to create bespoke experiences that reflect your brand and speak directly to your target audience.

Strengthening the company-customer relationship

Offering a personalized experience helps build a stronger, more personal relationship with your customers, encouraging loyalty and referrals.

User-generated content

Sharing user content

Filters encourage users to create and share content related to your business, increasing visibility and providing authentic, engaging content. This is an important dimension of a good UGC strategy.

Extending the company’s reach

User-generated content can dramatically extend your brand’s reach, reaching new audiences and boosting your brand’s credibility.

Event targeting

Adapt filters to specific events

Filters can be tailored to promote specific events, product launches or campaigns, increasing relevance and engagement around these initiatives.

A stronger sense of belonging

By linking filters to key events or moments, you create a shared experience that reinforces the sense of belonging and commitment to your brand.

Collaboration and partnerships

Collaborative filter development

By collaborating with influencers or other companies to create filters, you can access new audiences and strengthen your company’s position in the market.

Expand audience and attract new customers

Partnerships and collaborations can greatly extend your reach and attract new potential customers interested in what your company has to offer.

Business innovation

Positioning as an innovative company

By adopting customized filters, your company demonstrates its commitment to innovation and creativity, two qualities highly valued in the modern commercial landscape.

Monitoring technological and creative trends

Using filters shows that your company is on the cutting edge of digital trends, ready to embrace new ways of connecting and engaging with its audience.

Data analysis

Understanding the audience and its preferences

Analyzing interactions with your filters can provide valuable insights into your audience, helping you to better understand and serve your customers.

Optimizing marketing strategy

By leveraging this data, your company can fine-tune its marketing strategy to better target and engage its audience, improving business results.


Adopting custom filters on Instagram can transform your brand’s engagement with its audience. It’s also about showcasing innovative communication that positions the company in the marketplace.

By leveraging these tools, you can create a memorable, personalized experience for your customers, increase your visibility and reinforce your brand.

Now is the time to dive into this new era of digital marketing and watch your business flourish.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I create a custom filter for my business on Instagram?

To create a custom filter, you’ll need to use Instagram’s Spark AR Studio software. It can be used to create augmented reality effects. Once you’ve designed and tested your filter, you’ll need to submit it to Instagram for approval. It’s also a good idea to familiarize yourself with Instagram’s filter guidelines to make sure your creation complies with the platform’s standards.

What impact do filters really have on user engagement with my company?

Filters can significantly increase user engagement. They encourage users to interact with your content in fun and innovative ways, which can increase the time spent on your content, as well as the frequency of interactions. What’s more, when they share photos or videos using your filter, it increases your company’s visibility to a wider audience.

Can we measure the success of a customized filter for our company?

Yes, you can measure the success of your custom filter using the analytics provided by Instagram. This includes the number of times the filter has been viewed, used and shared. This data can help you understand how your filter is received by the community and how to improve it for future creations.

How can filters enhance my company's identity and visibility?

Custom filters can reinforce your corporate identity by providing a unique and memorable brand experience. They can reflect your company’s style, values and ethos, while increasing your brand’s visibility. When users share their content with your filter, they extend your brand’s reach to their own network, functioning as a form of viral advertising.

What are the best examples of successful customized filters?

Many companies have had notable success with their customized filters. For example, cosmetics brand “Benefit” created a filter that allowed users to virtually try on different eyebrow styles, while “Pepsi” launched an augmented reality filter for an advertising campaign that was widely shared. These examples demonstrate how filters can be used creatively to engage users and promote the brand.

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